#BLM: Technologies of Public Protest

Video recordings of the symposium proceedings are available at the CDSC YouTube channel. Since the summer of 2013, #BlackLivesMatter has linked myriad, loosely affiliated protests against pervasive anti-Black violence in the United States. Shortly after George Zimmerman’s acquittal, Alicia Garza originated the phrase on Facebook with her affirmation, “Our Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.” The … More #BLM: Technologies of Public Protest

Histories of Digital Labor

The semester just got underway and already I am looking forward to MLA 2017. Organizers announced panel details today, so I can share some logistics concerning Histories of Digital Labor: MLA2017, Session 649 Saturday, 7 January 5:15–6:30 p.m., Franklin 5, Philadelphia Marriott Program arranged by the MLA Committee on Information Technology “The Human Computer Project: … More Histories of Digital Labor

Using a Book

Originally posted on Digital Technology & Culture 101:
Yesterday the Los Angeles Review of Books posted a book review by Dustin Illingworth that speaks to how readers annotate books. With a nod to one of my favorite book historians, Carla Mazzio, Illingworth points to the late-sixteenth century to make a distinction between reading and using books.…

CFP: “Archives and the Management of Sex”

I will be co-moderator of a panel at PAMLA this fall with Steven Ruszczycky. The call for papers is below. Send us proposals! We’re looking forward to being in Pasadena come November. PAMLA Pasadena, CA November 11-13, 2016 This panel will explore how institutions dedicated to the collection, preservation, and circulation of material knowledge manage … More CFP: “Archives and the Management of Sex”

Otter Threats

Originally posted on Digital Technology & Culture 101. A Tumblr page called Discourse on the Otter started one of my favorite memes. The concept is simple: find a quotable passage that features the word other and substitute otter; then create a macro image meme featuring a cute otter. The blog’s title comes from a book … More Otter Threats