American Society for Theatre Research

I’m looking forward to visiting Atlanta this weekend to participate in ASTR’s annual conference. I will be participating in a workshop titled “Violent Bodies, Violent Acts,” organized by Vicki Hoskins and Nic Barilar. Our session will be on the first day, Thursday, November 16th from 5:15 pm – 7:15 pm. After that, I’ll be eating … More American Society for Theatre Research

New Article Out

Very excitedly I received the May 2017 issue of PMLA last month. In addition to a guest column on disciplinarity from the inimitable Jeffrey T. Schnapp and a timely Theories & Methodologies forum on Franco Moretti, it features my article “Roger Casement’s Queer Archive.” I’m grateful to have had a chance to present versions of … More New Article Out

Giant Shoulders, Diminutive Domain

Originally posted on DTC 101:
Lawrence Lessig argues that the United States has hobbled its tradition of “free culture” by letting copyright protections overgrow their original, limited reach. At the turn of the twentieth century, copyright protected works that were expressly registered with the United States government, and those protections only lasted about thirty years. The…

E-Waste, Innovation, and Inclusivity

Originally posted on DTC 101:
The Digital Technology & Culture program added a new 200-level course this year. It’s called Digital Inclusion and will serve as a counterpart to the program’s 400-level course Digital Diversity, which is organized around various digital divides. Digital Diversity begins with the standard socio-economic concept of a digital divide that separates…

The Intermediaries

It’s been a hell of a semester. As far as my blogging is concerned, Shit Academics Say would categorize it as tfw “when you take a 10 minute writing break and it accidentally lasts six months.” I’m glad to say, despite all else, that I did get some writing done over the past six months, … More The Intermediaries

Life in the Infosphere

Originally posted on Information Structures:
What is our place in the universe? That simple question has motivated much of the history of philosophy and preoccupies a great deal of complex thinking. Information philosopher Luciano Floridi suggests that we’ve entered into a new phase of thinking that requires us to acknowledge our place in an infosphere,…

Retooling DH101

Much of the early tension driving debates about digital humanities—internally and externally—organized around two related questions. What is it? And who can claim it as their field? Recently, those questions that once inspired urgent wrangling have grown slack, so much so that many of the most prominent practitioners of digital humanities “explicitly don’t find the … More Retooling DH101

Queer Archives

I’m looking forward to visiting Virginia in a couple weeks. I’ll be there to give a talk at Lynchburg College. Thanks to Joe Aldinger for organizing the event. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m going to miss Joy Harjo by just a couple days.

Free and Open?

Originally posted on Digital Technology & Culture 101:
One of the books we saw at the CDSC contained a GNU license. As some folks pointed out, it provided many of the same possibilities for sharing as Creative Commons licenses provide. The GNU license, however, predates Creative Commons and serves as an important reminder of how open…