Life in the Infosphere

Information Structures


What is our place in the universe? That simple question has motivated much of the history of philosophy and preoccupies a great deal of complex thinking. Information philosopher Luciano Floridi suggests that we’ve entered into a new phase of thinking that requires us to acknowledge our place in an infosphere, if we are to answer the question honestly. Living in an infosphere means that we exist in “a global environment ultimately made up of information,” Floridi writes, suggesting we understand our existence as enmeshed in a complex network of informational processes, services, and entities. Those entities are both engineered artifacts, like computers, and biological agents, like humans. The implication of this seemingly ordinary insight is that we humans do not exist as individual entities that stand alone in the world, looking out onto the universe trying to determine the limits of our consciousness existence. Rather, Floridi argues, we are

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