Keys to the Archive: A Gathering of Old Men

The Collections

The Gaines Center's collections consist of various drafts of Gaines's published work, correspondence, production and publicity materials, translated editions, and reviews. The subseries of A Gathering of Old Men materials tracks the novel's full lifecycle from an early manuscript draft titled “The Revenge of Old Men” to reviews of the television-movie adaptation. The collection of materials related to A Gathering fills nearly one-hundred folders—just under two-cubic feet—and consists mostly of manuscript and typescript drafts.

The following galleries represent only a small fraction of the full collections, focusing on the materials featured in the keyword entries. We've adapted Pierre-Marc de Biasi's "typology of genetic documentation" to organize these page-scans into three phases of the novel's lifecycle: manuscript and typescript drafts, publication documents, and reception documents. See the Gaines Center's finding aid for a fuller account of the subseries for A Gathering. As you proceed through the image galleries, click on any page-scan to see how contributors have annotated it or used it in their keyword entries.

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